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    Website Design And Development

    We have a team of the best website designers and web developers, which upgrades not only the appearance and layout of the web design but also the working of any type of business website.

    Each category of the business website is designed and developed according to the needs and requirements of the client in combination with the likes, dislikes, and trends followed by the specific as well as the granular targeted audience.

    Website Design And Development

    SEO Audit

    We conduct an SEO Audit from time to time which helps your business website to rank better in the SERPs. SEO Audit is a procedure of getting a deep insight into the overall traffic of the website and performance of the individual pages as well as the website. This study is solely conducted for marketing purposes.

    Our team conducts SEO Audits to remove the technical issues at your business website, makes it rank better, and ultimately leads to more website traffic of organic visitors.

    SEO Audit


    Our team, after analyzing your business website makes personalized strategies to cope with the technical issues and makes your website efficient in approaching your set targets. This study is done by our experts and the best tactics are discovered for transforming your website.

    In Optimization, the actions we take for you are based on the market study, competitor’s strategies, and customer’s shifting interests. These actions not only just promote the organic traffic on your website but also boost the revenue.



    Our team gathers information about the on-going and possible up-coming trends, customer’s needs, and desire to come up with new or improved products and services by targeting the specific and granular audience for profitable returns. As this step of marketing is very important we have a team of experts in market research.

    Research is directly related to the management and we ensure our customers in receiving maximum benefit from our marketing services.


    On/Off SEO

    On/Off SEO refers to the factors which can be control on your business website and the factors which are not under your control, respectively. Our experts help your business website by optimizing the content, structure, and working speed as on-page SEO. The team provides efficient promotion methods to increase your website domain authority, link building, and gain exposure on the platforms like social media as off-page SEO.

    This not improves the web traffic one desires but also put your business website in the top rankings. This helps is raising the bar in the competition and gaining the maximum out of our marketing experience.

    On/Off SEO


    Our new marketing strategies promote the rate of conversion on your business websites. Regardless of your business category, we have a team that provides personalized solutions and methods in gaining the number of conversions.

    Conversions happen when the organic web traffic completes the forms, purchase the product or the services which in business it is called as leads. The rise in the conversion rates signifies the efficiency of marketing of a business and its performances.


    We Provide ROI Driven Search Engine Optimization

    We understand and fulfill your profit interest by providing maximum ROI with our new marketing techniques.

    Stay on the Top of Search Results

    With our most efficient and high-quality content team experts, we make sure your business website is ranked on top of search engines. Our search engine is efficient and effective in driving organic traffic to your business websites.

    • Connect with pre-qualified customers
    • Save time and money
    • Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team
    • Online Reputation Management
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    Tejinder Singh Founder

    Hi, my name is Tejinder Singh and I am the founder of Speed Optimisation, a digital marketing agency based in Mohali, Punjab. With over 5 years of experience in Facebook advertising, I specialize in laser targeting to generate high-quality traffic and leads for small and medium-scale businesses. I have a proven track record of delivering high return on investment in ecommerce advertisements on Facebook. I have spent lakhs on Facebook advertising for my clients and have consistently delivered results that drive sales growth.

    I am also a White Hat SEO expert with 6 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field. My strengths include my ability to find the perfect solution for any SEO problem, my ability to meet strict deadlines, and my attention to detail when preparing detailed and accurate reports such as audits, analysis, recommendations and keyword research. My approach to SEO includes a comprehensive set of work that includes:

    1. Competition analysis report
    2. Keyword analysis report
    3. Link building strategy
    4. High-quality links
    5. SEO recommendations report
    6. Website technical audit
    7. Weekly or monthly link building report

    I believe that SEO is not just about preparing reports, it’s about analysis and getting results. That’s why, in addition to providing all the necessary reports, I make sure to deliver the best and most effective results for your website.

    I am an effective communicator and strong project manager, so I have great project management skills. I stay up-to-date with the fast-moving SEO landscape in order to be quick and active on my work. I would love the opportunity to work on your project, showcase my skills, and achieve effective SEO results. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Harinder Singh Chief Executive Officer

    I am a quality-focused corporate professional career with 8 years experience in Web Designing and Development, and Search Engine Optimization. I am quite hardworking, dedicated and energetic individual who is always ready to offer the best possible services.

    With effective communication skills, I am able to understand client needs exactly. I am having the ability to work under dynamic conditions of workload, good judgment and quite good in meeting challenges, deadlines, and targets. I am always keen on learning new strategies, platforms, tactics, working styles to gain edge in the competition.

    I am having a strong zeal to work with emerging startups and established businesses. Although I started my journey as a developer, I quickly got to understand that my clients were expecting much more than that. With the motive to offer my clients quality work, I realized that I could contribute more than just writing codes.

    I ensure that my clients get the best quality end product without any compromises. I have a strong aim to deliver unmatched quality.

    I am here to help a business establish and grow in the best possible way. Please feel free to reach me to discuss about your project.

    HIRE ME              WHATSAPP             LIVE CHAT            APPOINTMENT

    Simranjeet Kaur Digital Marketing Expert

    I am a professional internet marketing specialist. As an Online Digital Marketer Freelancer, I have been working as an Digital Marketing specialist such as search engine marketing, online marketing, and social media marketing since 2017.

    Highly Experienced, Credible SEO Expert with a proven track record in SEO. Effective, Result-Oriented SEO services at affordable prices for big, medium & small businesses. SMO, SEM & SEO consulting services.

    Along with SEO, I’ve worked on various Social media, paid marketing, email marketing, wordpress management etc projects and provided best results to my clients, I’ve started my freelancing career few weeks ago and looking for online work to grow my career and boost your business online.

    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Best Regards,
    Simranjeet Kaur

    HIRE ME              WHATSAPP             LIVE CHAT            APPOINTMENT

    Harshdeep Kaur Digital Marketer & SEO Expert

    Are you looking for increased exposure in Google? Is your website not getting enough targeted visitors or simply not making any money? If so, I can help you and your business through search engine optimization techniques such as SEO Link Building, Search Engine Marketing, search engine optimization, Social Media indicators and many more optimization methods.

    I specialize in helping businesses grow by acquiring users & customers – building traffic / installs, leads and sales through organic (SEO, ASO, Content, Social Media) and paid channels (Search, Display, Remarketing, DSPs).

    I’ve been working with startups and small businesses for the past 8 years, after spending my earlier career with larger corporates – and get particularly excited by helping businesses to scale across the full digital marketing mix on low/no marketing budgets.

    I’m a very results-orientated, strategic and creative marketing professional. Bringing 8 years of wide-ranging experience, devising and EXECUTING measurable marketing growth strategies and campaigns for a variety of youth, travel, well-being and entertainment companies, across eCommerce, Content, Marketplaces, Subscription Services and Events.

    HIRE ME              WHATSAPP             LIVE CHAT            APPOINTMENT

    Parminder Kaur SEO & Content Writer

    Hi there, My name is Parminder. I am a professional SEO marketer and having 5+ years of experience with content writing as well. Writing is my passion and I am an expert in designing powerpoint presentations, Proofreading, editing, articles & blog writing, Email marketing, SEO, website content, Audio & Video Transcription, Product description and so on. I am here to help you out with your projects to create a tumultuous change through content.

    Talking about SEO, I’m well versed with both ON PAGE & OFF PAGE SEO optimization, using WHITE HAT SEO techniques and following the latest Google algorithm updates and various ONLINE SEO analysis and research tools. I’m familiar with Local as well as Global SEO optimization for multiple brands.

    Choose my expert skills to create definite results with your online content strategy.

    HIRE ME              WHATSAPP             LIVE CHAT            APPOINTMENT

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