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PPC Packages – 2020 ( £100 per month – Maintainance fee) (£150 per month – Maintainance fee) (£220 per month – Maintainance fee)
Cost Analysis(Per Month)
If Your Budget Would be Upto £1000 Budget/Mo For £1000 to £3000 Over £3000 to £10,000
Campaign Set Up (Based on Products/Services) Upto 3 Upto 5 5+
Advertising Platforms Google Google + Fb Google + Bing + Fb Ads
Targeted PPC Networks Search Only Search & Display Search + Display + Shopping
Number of Keywords Upto 100 (Based on Services) Upto 500 (Based on Services) 1000+ (Based on Services)
Ad Text Text Ad Only Text + Dynamic Ads + Image Text + Mobile Ads + Shopping
Geo targeting Setup Yes Yes Yes
Conversion Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Management
Quality Score Improvements Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Analysis NO Yes Yes
Initial Estimate Report Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Recommendation Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Set-up Basic Advance Advance + Ecommerce Tracking
ROI Management No Yes Yes
CTR Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Keywords Bids & Match Type Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Ad Copy Optimization Yes Yes yes
A/B Testing No Yes Yes
Strategic Bid Management Basic Advance Advance + Rule Based
Remarketing Campaign NO Standard Standard + Rule Based
Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes
PPC Support
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support No No Yes